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Our Staff | God's Hands

Pastor Beth Ferne-Johnson


Pastor Beth is the pastor at St. Stephen Lutheran Church. She studied at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus which is an E.L.C.A. seminary located in Columbus and graduated in 1996. She has been with St. Stephen Lutheran Church since 2012.


Not only is she St. Stephen’s shepherd but she is also the mother of two children. Between her visits to shut-ins and her Sunday sermons Pastor Beth enjoys reading and camping, which she loves sharing with members in the congregation!

Scott Ballard

Music Director

Scott Ballard is the music director at St. Stephen Lutheran Church. He has been with the church since 2005. Scott has always loved music and is also a member of the popular local band, the Bradberries, who have been performing for almost twenty years!


As well as being the music director at St. Stephen Lutheran, he has attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.


Last, but most importantly, Scott is a family man who is married to Michelle Ballard, and together they have two beautiful children.

Janell Heller-Garcia


Janell Heller-Garcia is the administrative assistant at St. Stephen Lutheran Church. She started in 2016. Janell has a background in sales and sales management.


 Janell is the proud mother of three children and when she isn’t organizing St. Stephen she enjoys outdoor activities with her family and reading.

Vickie Veitch

Nursery Attendant

During our Sunday morning worship and learning times, Vickie is ready to help with your preschoolers and kindergarteners.  In addition to building towers or “making lunch” in the “kitchen”, Vickie shares a Bible story with your young person.  All those who work here with children have undergone background checks with our local police department. 

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